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Navifast is an operator within the Offshore Hydrocarbon Industry. We provide high-speed logistic solutions involving transportation of personnel and goods in a speed that is new to the market. Our new fleet of High Speed Craft Offshore Support Vessels (HSC-OSV) is performing a service speed of 45 knots and response speed close to 55 knots.

The company have, through its integrated partnership with OILSA brought a completely new holistic approach to Logistics and HSSE to the Offshore Hydrocarbon E&P Industry.

The MMS (Multi Mission System) capability offering our clients a unique capacity, covering Transportation, Intervention, Safety, Security and Environmental Response.The System also offers effective Escape & Evacuation Response from offshore facilities and for the evacuation of personnel and assets from Shore Based Premises.

Our operations provide on-board EVAC and LRL vessels with a capacity to evacuate in the excess of 600 personnel from either Offshore- or Shore based facilities.

Unique Capabilities - MMS.

With our fleet of HSC-OSV and its Multi-Mission System, we provide the following operation and services to the Industry:

ROV Support.

OSR and Environment Protection Response.

Diving Support.

On-board Critical Incident Communication


Ultra-fast Offshore Support Vessels

(HSC-OSV, Fast Class).

Crew Transfer Docking Booms/Gangway


Logistics to and from Offshore Installations.

Proactive anti-Piracy capability.

Emergency Evacuation (EVAC) capability.


Security and Surveillance.

Safety and SAR Response.

Multi-Mission System (MMS).

In the context of the MMS, our operation is designed to coop with various demands set out by our client and insurance underwriter’s, and to be a uniform asset within the MMS backbone. The MMS Platform ensures that all systems will be compatible. As an example, for OSR our organization is trained in cooperation with local or federal response authorities (Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agencies, Navy and so forth). Part of this strategy involves the procurement, utilization, mobilization and deployment of corresponding response equipment.

Our vessels are designed (as part of the MMS Platform) to carry appropriate equipment for swift deployment. Our fleet’s performance provides for an outstanding resource in this manner.

To solve your offshore logistic requirements, our team would be delighted to discuss any future and challenging proposals you might have. Consult our Contact section for appropriate details.

High speed crew transfer and priority goods transports.

ROV and Dive Support.

Anti Piracy and Security Guard and Intervention.

Seismic Chase Support and Environment Protection Intervention

Additional information about our Offshore O&G

capabilities and services can be obtained in

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Multi Mission (MMS)

Offshore Capabilities