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Dear visitor,

Navifast is part of the InfraNavi Group. The Navifast corresponding corporate office is situated in Sweden with subsidiary offices and representation in United Kingdom, Switzerland, UAE and Brazil.

We provide a new, but proven, logistic service for the Offshore O&G Industry. Our past operation of heavy lift ACV/OSV (under the Hoverfast and Hoverline brands) and our newly developed Multi Mission (MMS) HSC/OSV  surface vessels offer much faster and higher capacity transportations of passengers and lighter priority goods than conventional heavy and medium displacement PSV, Crew Boats and Helicopters.

The company was established in 2000 under the Hoverline brand and was recognized as the largest and the  

primary ACV Operator in the World. To meet new challanges and demands set fourth by the Offshore Industry, Navifast have resently developed a completely new range of Ultra Fast Multi Mission (MMS) Offshore Support Vessels (the FastClass).

With our new generation MMS Fast Class services, we will significantly cut the traveling time and cost.

Through our OILSA network, we can provide our customers with state-of-the-art OSV that are integrated in a global Safety & Security system.

The aim with this website is to give the reader a first introduction to our capability and capacity.

Use the links to the left to obtain more corporate information about Navifast.


"The World hates change

- yet it is the only thing that has

brought Success"

C-F Kettering

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