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The shareholders, personnel and partners of Navifast are emotionally involved what ever business we're doing.

We must see the success and development of our business as a journey towards a better society.

Consequently, we are very much concerned that everything we do corresponds to our firm environmental, social and ethic codex.

- We don't accept bribery or corruption of any kind.

- We dont accept sexual or religious abuses what so ever.

Navifast apply and is governed by the UN Global Compact Principles, International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), Global Coalition Against Corruption (GCAC) and Navifast QHSE Guidelines.  

If there is a commercial agenda providing the society with education, health care, social development and stimmulating to entrepreneurship and achivements - then, we will be on the right path. To fullfill this, we have initiated different business workshops to deal with these issues. One to worth mention is our involvement in the development of Sao Tomé e Principe (STP). The small democratic nation SW of Nigeria in the Bay of Guinea. "The Forgotten Island" according to United Nation.

Navifast was appointed by the government of STP to make a feasibility study for the mobilization of a logistic hub for the future hydrocarbon E&P industry. The assignment was to build up port infrastructure and deployment of a fleet of HSC-OSV. Apart from the services provided to the O&G industry, we're involved to build-up the Central Hospital to the benefit of the community on both the Sao Tomé and Principe islands as well. Additional initiative is to build-up a carbon free and sustainable power electrical plants taken out from a wave energy system. In addition we're discussing various iniatives with NG Organizations setting up a R&D Center and a University for the implementation of sustainable energy, political, economic and social systems.  

R E A D   M O R E

Our Social Commitment

- the forgotten island